David B.

Data visualization engineer


If you want to discuss potential data visualization project, just email me details at [email protected]

If you are an HR and want to take a look at my no longer dry and colorless resume download it here

I am available for freelance data visualization work through various freelance websites


Upwork is my default choice, since it offers good & safe services and has reasonable service fees.

If you don’t have profile on Upwork, please contact me first about the project, we can have 0% project fee by registering via referral link.

It’s a top rated freelancer’s perk


My Second choice is peoplePerHour. It also offers 0 % fee to invited clients.

If you plan to work with me via PeoplePerHour and don’t have an account , please just click hire me button bellow and we can enjoy safe working relationship, with 0 % fee.

Fiverr PRO

Recently, I was approved in Fiverr PRO program and became active on this platform as well. Overall platform is very well designed, though 20% fee is very concerning . That’s why this option is in the third place.

Fiverr has recently introduced client invitation program, to work with new clients and pay 0% fee to Fiverr. Unfortunately this feature is limited and I don’t have access to it. Once it will be available, I will probably move this option higher


I am also partially active on guru.com. Though I am not usually updating profile and it’s my least preferable option for taking new projects.

Please keep in mind, that you should check Upwork profile for my up to date hourly rates