David B.

Data visualization engineer


Hello, I’m David, a frontend data visualization-focused engineer with a decade of development experience.


Professional Journey

I initially started working at Bank of Georgia as a full-stack developer, then transitioned to the data visualization field, and began working remotely on independent projects.

I’ve released multiple open-source projects, with Org-Chart being my most successful one, boasting 200k+ monthly downloads.

In 2022, I joined Infogr8 as a senior data visualization developer and have been working with them ever since.

Notable Collaborations

Remote work has allowed me to connect with people worldwide, providing me with a diverse experience in understanding the specific needs of potential clients. I’ve collaborated with individuals, startups, and established companies across various industries.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with renowned clients such as Harvard, CompTIA, Mastercard Foundation, Sequoia Capital, and many more.

While it feels awkward to say, several of my projects have won awards. Notably, The American Opportunity Index became a Webby Awards Winner.

How I Can Help You

I am always available to discuss potential data visualization projects with well-explained details and scope. Feel free to send details over my email - [email protected]

Truth be told, I receive multiple potential project requests weekly, often seeking a chat or scheduling a video call without explaining project details first. While I understand that many initial stage projects lack well-defined details, considering my current schedule, it’s impossible for me to respond to similar requests. For scenarios like this, I usually offer a paid consultation.

If you are an HR, who might have a potential remote role involving data visualization and interested in my resume - download it here